Apple is working on developing new technology to export iPhone underwater

The owners of phones iPhone may wish to take pictures under water but the results are always substandard, so work Apple to develop new technology that will improve the experience of underwater photography!

آبل تعمل على تطوير تقنية جديدة لتحسين التصوير بالآيفون تحت الماء

Apple is working on developing new technology to export iPhone underwater

There are many devices water-resistant which can be used for underwater photography, but smartphone cameras are generally not designed for underwater photography but for outdoor and bright light, which makes the experience of underwater photography is disappointing, for this many reasons such as low lighting and vision and the different color temperature.

Apple had submitted a patent to the patent office in the United States of America, according to the file of the patent system to visualize the robot can recognize the position of underwater photography and a range of adjustments to images to make them look better.

When underwater photography is the collection of data from the accounts of the device as illumination light, depth, and distance determine the depth of the phone on the surface of the water as well as determine after the item to be photographed from the camera lens, and then process the necessary adjustments in the colors and clarity

Progress of Apple’s many patents periodically however, this does not necessarily mean the implementation of all those ideas, but it reflects the interest of Apple in this area. Apple will announce the phones new iPhone late this year and is expected to see the iPhone camera three.

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