Apple is working to develop a new way to protect iPhone devices GrayKey !

Revealed the latest American reports that Apple is currently working to fortify its phones current and coming against hacking devices and the most important device GrayKey, which are used by the security services to decrypt the faith.

Reports suggest that the American company recently teamed up with the company “Cupertino” to protect users of the iPhone access to their data stored on their phones for any external third-party. So by putting restrictions on the work of a separate ” Lightning” custom charge phones iPhone and data transfer.

In the case of non-opening level of the iPhone phone for about 7 days continuous, will get a separate Lightning to tool shipping only, and will not be able to any person from transferring any data from your phone or unlock or decrypt it, re-activate the product again, the user should re-do it manually, after restart the phone again.

Going to Apple to ask this way in the iOS update 11.4, which is currently in its experimental stage, is expected to be support phones during the coming weeks.

It was the security authorities may use devices GrayKey developed by company right in Atlanta, which is run by the intelligence agency agents American engineer and former security at Apple. And the device is a small box that can open My Computer iPhone every time.

Where it is connected to the phone after a certain period appear a black screen enable researchers to penetrate the phone, and the devices GrayKey even on modern smart phones from Apple that are running . iOS 11

The price GrayKey 15 thousand dollars and you can use it 300 times to unlock the iPhone, to open a greater number of phones you have to pay 30 thousand dollars.

ابل تعمل على تطوير طريقة جديدة لحماية ايفون من أجهزة GrayKey !

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