Apple is worth more than $ 2 trillion, and shares continue to actively rise in price

Well, it happened. Literally 10 days ago, we talked about the rapid growth of Apple shares and the possible capture of the $ 2 trillion milestone, and now it has been taken.

More specifically, the company's market capitalization reached $ 2 trillion two days ago, then the stock fell slightly in price, and then began to actively rise again. And so actively that in less than two days the capitalization increased by another 100 billion. For comparison, all AMD costs the same.

In recent hours, the shares have stabilized at around $ 490, but it is not a fact that tomorrow they will not start growing again. If the launch of the iPhone 12 and other new products seems to analysts to be successful, the capitalization could jump by another hefty amount of billions, and then 2.5 trillion is not far. At the moment, the gap between Apple and its closest competitors – Microsoft and Amazon – is about $ 500 billion. Apparently, the Cupertines again broke away from their pursuers for a long time.

As for the reasons for the rise in Apple shares, I think nothing has changed in 10 days. Analysts point to positive expectations for the iPhone 12 launch, strong iPad and Mac sales, and growing services.

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