Apple issued a computer-2019 Retina MacBook Air with the addition of a property to True Tone, lowering the price to 1099$

Apple yesterday updated the computer MacBook Air with True Tone for with the lower price. The starting price the Air now from 1099 USD (the price students up to $ 999) down $ 100 from the retail price of $ 1199 USD when it was launched late last year.

The low price of your Retina MacBook Air to 1099 USD means that Apple has finally gotten rid of the MacBook Air former which is not required on the screen of the Retina, which is kept at the price of $ 999 for more than eight years.

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The addition of True Tone is a nice gesture for Retina MacBook Air, but the low price of $ 100 represents the real news here.

And discontinued Apple also sell the MacBook to a size of 12 inches at the same time.

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