Apple issued a new generation of the iPod touch featuring the A10 chip Fusion

Apple announced yesterday about the version of the iPod touch new featuring Chip Apple A10 Fusion. The new generation resembles the previous generation in the figure, with a screen size of 4 inches is surrounded with big button main home page without a fingerprint Touch ID.

In addition to the new chip, the device comes with the option of storage of 256 GB for the first time. Expect iPod touch 2019 for online ordering now at a price of $ 199 storage capacity of 32 GB, and $ 299 for 128 GB, and399 USD for the 256 GB.

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Has been updated your iPod touch the last time in 2015, and this model supports features such as ARKit or Group FaceTime because the A8 processor was not strong enough.

This means that the iPod touch finally joins to the group of devices compatible with FaceTime calls collective Group FaceTime with the new update.

But this device is still different from the rest of the lineup and iOS, and has not changed its design since 2012, which means that it lacks biometric authentication of any kind : there is no Touch ID or Face ID.

In connection with the treatment, it was disappointing somewhat, so that the new device did not get the latest chip generation A11, only just A10.

From the Apple system iOS 13 next week. For the iPod touch, often the company supports only the latest devices (the previous generation model the new), and it is likely to turn off system update for the previous generation 2015-2018.

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