Apple issued quietly update removes the program video conferencing Zoom of the computers Mac

Apple iMac

As you have probably heard, it has been recently discovered security hole in videoconferencing software Zoom on the Mac, which is a vulnerability that can, in case used to force users to engage in video conferencing, and activate their webcams. This was because of the way the program uses to Zoom through installing a local server on a computer host.

Claimed that this was to solve some compatibility issues in browser Safari 12. The company has released since then reform to address the problem, but it seems that Apple do not wait until the users update the program to Zoom to fix the problem, and instead, the company quietly released an update of its side edges doctor Mac which removes the web server which program works Zoom installed in your computer.

The problem with the updates in that they usually require action of some kind from the user side, but that’s not what you do to Apple in this case. Once the update is installed, will remove the offending program, all without your knowledge. This is a good thing for users who may not be aware of this problem or who didn’t get reform of the Zoom after.

In a statement to TechCrunch, said the spokesman of the Zoom, Ms. Priscilla McCarthy said : ” We are delighted to be working with Apple to test this update. We expect to solve the problem of web server today. We appreciate the patience of our users while we continue to work on addressing their concerns. “


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