Apple issued the iOS update 11.3 for iPad 9.7 2018 new

ipad 9.7

It is safe to say that users are concerned the decision of the company Apple, which was serving to strangle the speed of the processor on the iPhone are now looking the most likely to get the update to iOS 11.3, which is supposed to allows users to restore the original speed of the Processor. However, it remains to be seen when will Apple released an update iOS 11.3, although there’s likely to happen soon.

Due to the fact that Apple has recently released an update for iOS 11.3 for your new iPad announced by the company recently. It’s a strange move, especially if we take into consideration that Apple usually issue new updates for all its devices at the same time, we hope it will not be this is a new step from Apple where it says to issue updates of its organs in stages because it would lead to fragmentation of the operating system such as what we are seeing now with Android.

It is still unclear why the version of Apple for this update for your new iPad first, but the positive side in this is that update iOS 11.3 is ready for what looks like a large percentage, and therefore, it is likely that Apple issued this update for the rest of its devices in the near future.

Include some of the changes that come out update iOS 11.3 ability to disable the option to throttle the speed of the processor, and also includes a feature that lets users know the status of the battery, as well as some changes to the privacy terms will continue to by Apple when requesting personal information.



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