Apple keeps the app tricky to shop the App Store!

Apple Store has many strict laws in the acceptance of the applications before it for the purpose of protecting the user’s technical and financial, but some of the apps recently were able to get around those laws and deceive the users to drain their money, Apple realized this and decided to pull those apps from the App Store!

آبل تحارب التطبيقات المخادعة على متجر الآب ستور!
Apple keeps the app tricky to shop the App Store!

Website published by Forbes, the famous Report recently noted that Apple has removed many apps that increased their profits through the offers of counterfeit, where I discovered Apple TV and that those apps cost users probably hundreds of dollars periodically.

Some of these applications depends a torturous which is the width of application by a pilot be downloaded for free from the App Store and these apps pull subscriptions periodically from the user’s account after the expiration of the trial period without showing the cost of such requirements clearly on the application page.

Apple will required application to view the cost of the subscription in the illustration on the app page and not just mentioned in passing in the box purchases and subscriptions, those will be the App Store after its commitment to the new rules.

آبل تلزم التطبيقات بعرض الاشتراكات بشكل واضح غير مخادع!
Apple required the app to view subscriptions are clearly not risk!

In any case, to avoid being conned by application developers to drain your finances you should read the app description thoroughly before downloading and reviewing the value of the contributions of periodic in-app purchases.

Apple App Store achieves a lot of profits to the developers label itself and surpasses the Google Play Store but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of deliberately deceiving the user in any way!

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