Apple know that the students will receive 200GB of storage free on iCloud service


In an attempt to support more schools and educational institutions to use the products and services affiliate, held the Apple, recently happened an education where they unveiled the iPad 9.7 2018 which supports digital pen Apple Pencil. But in addition to that, Apple has announced also for the provision of the plan to free the storage service, computational iCloud for students.

According to Apple, the accounts of the students have Apple TV will be eligible to obtain 200GB of free storage on the cloud storage service iCloud. Since that was released, it was the iCloud service provides 5GB of storage space free to all users, and as you can imagine, the lifting of the free storage from 5GB to 200GB is a huge leap and it is natural to find some customers feel thrilled because of it.

Note that this is not similar rates of students in the service of the musical Apple Music where can for students who have an email address tutorial (edu. ) Log in to the service for a monthly subscription low. Instead, students can get 200GB of free storage on the iCloud service through the accounts of Apple ID provided by the school. We are not sure what will happen when students graduate and if they can keep the account 200GB, but we do not believe it.

At present, the Apple three plans for the users of cloud storage service iCloud, the basic which offers 50GB of storage space cost $ 0.99 USD per month, followed by the medium which provides 200GB of storage space compared to USD 2.99 per month, and advanced, which provides 2TB of storage space for US $ 9.99 per month. Of course, these plans come at a relatively affordable price, but there is nothing better than free stuff.


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