Apple knows about the problem their laptops, but not in a hurry to fix it

“N(e)t I n(e) (R)otuchilas to write, and my (re)dakto(R) n(e) ush(e)l on leave” – with these words the journalist The Wall Street Journal, Joanna stern, began its article about the problem in keyboard of the MacBook Air in 2018. She intentionally published the text the way it was possible to print a laptop without the letters “e”, “r” and “t” to demonstrate how bad it is. So she decided to emphasize that even such insignificant at first glance, the problem can turn into a real tragedy.

Apple for several years equips its laptops keyboard with the butterfly mechanism. For all time came three generations and each was better than the previous one. The first generation allowed to make the key less and, consequently, to reduce its course in comparison with the classic “scissors.” The second generation, presumably, supposed to be more tenacious than the first, but it had the most problems. The third version has a silicone membrane that was supposed to protect the keyboard from sticky because of the crumbs and dust particles, but she failed.

MacBook has the worst keyboard

The presence of outages “butterfly” third generation recognized even Apple, hastened to clarify that they faced only a very small percentage of users. But Joanna stern believes that in Cupertino are just afraid to openly admit the true scale of the problem. According to her, at least three of her colleagues had faced a similar problem as it is, drawing attention to the sticky keys of the top row. And those are just the highlights stern, who bought a new MacBook Pro or Air.

Someone will say that there is no need for a laptop, especially if it is mainly a working tool. But the irony is that in order to make the third butterfly sticky enough even a microscopic speck of dust that may be on your sleeve, face, or anywhere else, recognizes the project Manager of iFixit Kyle Vince. This is due to a very tiny stroke of the keys, which is simply not enough space to push out the foreign body without any damage.

Sticks keyboard. What to do

Especially for those who had faced a similar problem, stern has compiled five tips:

  • Take the laptop to the nearest Apple Store or authorized service center. Since Apple started to install the third “butterfly” less than a year ago, probably will help you absolutely free by cleaning the keyboard from Sora.
  • Use special software for Macthat will automatically monitor your prints and delete duplicate characters. The tool analyzes the input speed and reacts, if the additional letter or number appears within a millisecond after the main, removing it.
  • Don’t be afraid to blow out the keyboard yourself. It’s not necessary to use compressed air. If necessary, you can even take a hair dryer. The main thing – not to put high temperature.
  • Use an external keyboard if the above tips did not help. Of course, this will cost you money and convenience, but you will be able to continue working.
  • Will buy another laptop. Today, the market has plenty of alternatives to a MacBook, which, although not equipped with macOS, can boast of a stunning design and ease.

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