Apple launched a replacement program iPhone display X

Today, November 10, Apple announced the launch of the program warranty replacement display modules iPhone X. fall Under the program, smartphones, screens which are fully or partially not responsive to touching. If you are faced with similar problems, recommended as soon as possible contact the nearest authorized service center for further service. Of course, the process of screen replacement will be completely free for all applied users.

The problem may manifest from time to time or be fixed permanently. Restart your smartphone or other operations do not solve the problem. The programme will replace defective screens iPhone X if you experience the following symptoms:
Screen or part of it does not react properly on clicking
— Clicking is fixed even when the display is not used.

Unfortunately, Apple does not indicate which specific iPhone X are covered under the program. Most likely, the problem occurs even on a fresh batch of smartphone.

Apple has sent out instructions Authorized service centers for proper diagnosis in case of complaints about it. In that case, if the defect is confirmed, repairs will be done by Apple, even if the official warranty is no longer available.

Before you contact an Authorized service center, all users are advised to create a backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud, as well as eliminate all the physical damage that can hamper the repair.

If replacing the display module iPhone X has already been made independently and at their own expense, should contact the Apple technical support to get a refund.

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