Apple launches an updated version of the MacBook Pro and the keyboard problem

Announced Apple on Tuesday announced the launch of an updated version of computers laptops from the series “MacBook Pro” MacBook Pro includes the Generation VIII and IX of processors, “Intel Core” Intel Core, to avoid with processors eight nuclear for the first time to computers, MacBook Pro.

The company said in a statement: the computers, the MacBook Pro now offers faster performance, twice the processors, the quad core of the current, and 40% better than the processors six cores.

Announced that Apple TV also update computers, Mac Book Pro led 13 inch; add control bar “shaped bar” Touch Bar, the second generation of Intel Core processors.

Besides update computers, the company announced steps to resolve the keyboard problem afflicting computers, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air Current, a problem that lead to non-response of the keyboard to click, or they apply the letters twice for one.

In order to solve the problem in the past, the company added a secret membrane is designed to prevent dust and fine particles from under the keys, but this procedure did not solve the problem completely. And now announced three new actions, the first: change the material that depend on the mechanism of action of the keys, she will limit the problem of “not clicking and the multiplier”.

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While Apple believes that this change will lead to reduce the problem to a large extent, they announced expansion of the program “service keyboard” – which provides a service to repair the keyboard for free; either within the warranty or outside it – for all computers that use the mechanism of “butterfly” Butterfly, this includes all computers, Mac Book Pro, besides the version which was announced today. The third measure is to accelerate the process of reform of the keyboard in its stores.

This; is available the new version of the computers the MacBook Pro is priced at 1,799 dollars, and 2, $ 399 as of today.

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