Apple launches Fund to support new clean energy $ 300 million in China

clean energy

Apple announced the launch of Fund to support new clean energy worth $ 300 million in China, this new fund is part of Apple’s commitment to combat climate change. Will invest $ 300 million in China over the next four years, will be used for clean energy.

Ms. Lisa Jackson, which occupy the position of Deputy Head of the Department of the environment and social initiatives at Apple : ” at Apple, we are proud to join companies that move forward to meet the challenge of climate. We are very pleased with the participation so many of us in this fund we hope to replicate this model Globally to help companies of all sizes to make significant positive impact on our planet “.

She added : ” it may be the transition to clean energy is complicated. This is especially true for small businesses that may not have access to clean energy sources viable. Because of its size and weight, will prevent China Fund clean energy ‘ China Clean Energy Fund ‘ to see his purchasing power is better and the ability to get solutions for clean energy are more attractive and versatile. Will be the management of the Fund the Chinese Clean Energy Company DWS Group, which specializes in sustainable investments and will invest also in the box “.

Generally, you can get more details about the Clean Energy fund your new Apple company, valued at $ 300 million in China on the company’s official website from this link here.


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