Apple launches her credit card Apple Card officially for everyone

Apple announced the launch of own credit card Apple Card officially in the United States for all wishing to get them without the need for invitations.

Come to the card-shaped metal stylish design, not like traditional cards where does not contain only the name and the logo of Apple and the terms of a magnetized, as well as in digital form within the wallet application in the iPhone and iPad, which is in collaboration with the Bank of Goldman Sachs.

Operations are withholding money from the card network MasterCard and link each card with the user account for iPhone.

To get them all you have to do is open the wallet application and select Add Card and then choose the Apple Card, and the process in a minute or less in order to get approval or rejection. And need phone for iPhone 6, most recent iOS and 12.4 most recent.

Ranges from interest rate of between 12.99% to 23.99% and the credit limit of between 250 to 7,500 dollars.

And Apple they don’t charge any fees such as late charges and transactions, International and other, and the rate of interest as a source of income.

In order to encourage users deal with the card it will be 3% of the value of your purchases from the Apple Store, and 2% if the payment service Apple Pay and 1% if paid through the card real concrete.

Also teamed up with AWeber to 3% of the value of payments to service the transport of participatory or food delivery, and has plans to support more businesses and services in the coming months.

It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV gives a high level of privacy they do not know what to buy his and stores that dealt with the amount of your purchases, but only bank Goldman Sachs can have access to this information, and will not use your ads to take advantage of your information as they wouldn’t sell it to a third party.

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