Apple launches iCloud on Windows to the benefits of the task owners of the iPhone and iPad!

Apple today launched iCloud on Windows OS is now available for free download from the Microsoft Store on your personal computer. Program iCloud will help users of Apple devices access to files stored on the account to an iCloud easily through the computer.

برنامج iCloud على نظام ويندوز

Software iCloud for Windows

Through the program iCloud Drive, you can download images, videos and all other files located on the account to an iCloud to your computer directly, you can also upload from computer to cloud an Cloud.

Program needs iCloud feature, Shared Albums, which lets share photos and videos with your friends easily as well as invite them to add files that they would like to share with you with the possibility to comment on them.

برنامج iCloud على نظام ويندوز

Software iCloud for Windows

Of features and iCloud also it is easy access and review files to an iCloud from the computer via the file browser windows as if the tablet was installed on the computer through the feature iCloud Drive.

Can program iCloud to sync email, contacts, reminders and favorites browser across your devices different. You can also update the settings for cloud your cloud, your and the space consumed and the remaining delete files that you don’t want if you want it to provide storage capacity.

Program iCloud available for free download from the Microsoft Store to your computer through this link: iCloud For Windows

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