Apple launches iOS 12.1 developers here are 5 information about

After the confirmation of the Apple System version iOS 12, was first in the stages of testing to determine iOS 12.1, such as the release date gas specific post later this year, so that adds many fixes and security improvements with some new features, we will continue with you today 5 Information.

1) iOS 12.1 beta

If you don’t want to wait until the release of iOS 12.1 officially, you can participate in the program Apple developers or program software beta test general absolutely Free across the click here and download the new system to try it.

2) date version

Didn’t Apple confirm the release date of iOS 12.1 officially yet, but with the promises of the company by providing characters image new and FaceTime calls group by the end of the year, you may carry this update possible, which confirms that we’ll see it before the end of the year.

3) release time

Despite our lack of knowledge on iOS version 12.1 yet, but we know that a time released will most likely be at two p.m. in Saudi Arabia.

4) known changes


Work Apple is currently working on several new features we might see in iOS 12.1, and include support for dual SIM, the application of ECG monitoring of the new hour Apple TV 4, Add the possibility of issuing a characters image, a new color keyboard iOS.

5) What can we expect

Despite the absence of any confirmations yet, but he is likely to say Apple release an update to fix some of the problems with iOS 12 before the launch of the updated iOS 12.1.

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