Apple launches iOS update 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3 formally – highlights of the new changes!

Has Apple officially launched the iOS update 13.3 for faith and iPadOS 13.3 for iPad after more than a month spent update in the trial period. In this article we will learn on the major additions and changes in the new update.

ابل تطلق تحديث iOS 13.3 و iPadOS 13.3 رسمياً - أبرز التغييرات الجديدة!

As usual, you can update your device (iPhone or iPad) by going to Settings > General General > System updates Software Update and then download the update then install it.

Option limits Communication Limits

Is a new option in options property of Screen Time Screen Time existing in the settings. This option is his goal to put an end to of time children spend in communicating via phone calls, text messages and the FaceTime applications conversation other instant.

ميزة حدود التواصل Communication Limits

After the update to iOS 13.3 will you can access by going to Settings > screen time Screen Time > limits Communication Limits.

When you can select from the children are able to communicate with them during normal times or downtime Downtime: everyone (i.e. all the numbers, even if not registered) or only contacts or specific contacts, such as father or mother only.

Stickers Animoji / Memoji

There is a new option under Options keyboard to prevent the appearance of posters Memoji and Animoji on the plate faces expressive.

Fixed the problem of locking apps in the background

Problem is featured on the following version of the iOS update 13.2 as there is an error in memory management, random make system closes applications and tasks in the background when you move between them and re-download them again when you return to them again. The iOS update 13.3 new targeted solution to that problem according to the initial.

Additions and other fixes

  • When editing your video you can save the modified version separately instead of replacing the original version of the video.
  • Solve the problem of inability to download the new messages in the Mail application as well as the inability to delete Gmail messages.
  • Solve the problem of the appearance of the screen shots are blurred when sent in a message.
  • Solve the problems of the modifying screen shots.
  • Solving the problem of disable Night Mode when the Smart Invert activated.
  • Solve the problem of slow wireless charging.

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