Apple launches site to data privacy for its users in the European Union


Apple launched the website of the data and privacy of its users in the European Union just two days before the entry list is Data Protection the new public space development, and users can across this site a download request includes all information and data associated with the بـApple ID of their own, and that includes any activity including purchases that are made on the App Store and iTunes Store, and iBooks Store and the Apple Music and Apple online.

موقع أبل

The Apple website

Will the site also for any repairs processed by Apple Care and information saved on iCloud , reminders, appointments, published on calendars and documents and their images.

And Apple that users should be prepared to wait a week after submitting their application to receive the data, the company will send a notice when the records are ready for download, as files are deleted automatically after two weeks.



To reach all this, users need Apple in the European Union to go to and sign in using the Apple ID and password of their own, and can update any incorrect information by sending a request to the police, other options include deactivating the account temporarily, which will prevent users from accessing content that they purchase from the App Store or iBooks or iTunes, and will disable iMessage and FaceTime, in addition to another option will help users to close an Apple account their own permanently.

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