Apple launches the site and to help in the diagnosis of MERS-CoV

We had posted You earlier about the possibility of using Siri in the diagnosis of MERS-CoV! But it seems that Apple will command more and more users, and that’s where the company launched a web site as well as application for iPhone and iPad both allow you to find out more information about the virus COVID-19 to the side to help you in your diagnosis for if you suspect you’re infected.

Apple has developed a website application in collaboration with the Center for Disease Control CDC, Federal Emergency Management Agency and the White House! Site -or application – New starts in your question, a large number of questions and based on them it defines you whether you are infected or not according to the information of the medical proven.

The course website is available to all users and not for users of Apple devices only, which is on the following link, this while the app is now available on the App Store which is of course free as it will not only help you in the diagnosis of your injury, but will provide you with all you need to know about the new virus and Prevention.

Source: The Verge

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