Apple launches update iOS 12.4

While we wait for the iOS 13 with a lot of new features. Apple has released just iOS 12.4, which is updated to a new level. There are not many drastic changes but this is the first version that supports the theory card Apple TV – although that feature is not enabled yet.

Features iOS 12.4 also with new migration so that you can transfer data wirelessly from the I-meet to another. This feature facilitates the move or switch phone iPhone especially for those who don’t use and or don’t make backups.

Using this update, you can also control the news content of the apple plus more accurately. For example, you can scan the folder that was downloaded. Works today’s update also re-enabled the walkie talkie on the Apple Watch. After that Apple disable the feature temporarily because of a security problem.

Also there are 36 reform additional safety through iOS 12.4 and thus sour apple Safavi inventors and iOS.

New in iOS 12.4 according to Apple…

Offers iOS 12.4 the possibility to transfer data from iPhone, old iPhone, New straight, improves the security of the iPhone, or an iPad. This update to the following:

Offer the possibility of wireless data transfer and deportation of the iPhone, old iPhone, New straight during setup.

Embed the security solution to develop the walkie talkie on the Apple Watch and re-enable the function of the walkie talkie.

This version also includes support for the HomePod in Japan and Taiwan.

Before the update make sure to take a backup of the contents of your device whether on your cloud or on the application of an iTunes

To update your device do the following steps…


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, will show you that there is an update available.


You can click on learn more for details on the update.


To download the update should contact the Wi-Fi preferably to connect your device to the charger and then press the button “download and install” and you will see the terms and conditions seal of approval.




After the update is finished the device will restart. After several steps you will complete the update.

If you encounter a problem in loading or popping up a message Unable to show the update it’s because there is significant pressure on Apple’s servers

This update is major and certainly important that you update especially that there are a large number of security updates, update and tell us your opinion in the update.

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