Apple launches update iOS 13.3.1

Apple launched yesterday in the late update branch name 13.3.1 and update branch, it did not come with any new features except the feature that we talked about in a previous article, said Apple also fixes many of the mistakes of the iOS system in this version.

New in the iOS system 13.3.1 according to the Apple TV…

Includes iOS 13.3.1 bug fixes and improvements. This update:

● Fix the problem of the limits of communication may allow to add a contact without entering the entering the feature time use of the device.

● Adds a setting to control the use of location services by the chip U1.

● Addresses an issue that may cause delayed intraday before capturing the image of the Deep Fusion on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro.

● Address the problem in the Mail app may lead to download images remote even if you turn off the option to “download images remote”.

● Fix issue that may cause the appearance of several messages about the decline in Mail application.

● Address the problem may lead to the use of FaceTime rear camera very clear instead of the camera clear.

● Solve the problem may lead to failure connecting to the Push notification over WiFi.

● Address the problem in CarPlay may lead to a distortion sound when making phone calls in some cars.

● Provides support to the voices for Siri in English and Hindi on the home iPod.

Before the update make sure to take a backup of the contents of your device whether on your cloud or on the application of an iTunes

To update your device do the following steps…


Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update, will show you that there is an update available.


You can click on learn more for details on the update.


To download the update should contact the Wi-Fi preferably to connect your device to the charger and then press the button “download and install” and you will see the terms and conditions seal of approval.



After the update is finished the device will restart. After several steps you will complete the update.

This update is to update the branch but he can fix many of the flaws in the previous versions so it is important that you update, update and tell us in the comments how the performance of the new update.

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