Apple launches wireless headphones Beats Studio3 Wireless NBA Collection


It’s been a long time since Apple launched headphones Beats new. Unfortunately for the headphones Beats who hope to see something new from the company, it seems they’ll have to wait longer because Apple still prefer to make upgrades simple headphones Beats current. However, there is some good news, namely that Apple has introduced new models of headphones present.

The company recently launched new models of wireless headphones Beats Studio3 Wireless with the new colors as part of the lineup, “NBA Collection”. There will be six different colors to choose from include “Celtics Black” and “Warriors Royal” and “Rockets Red” and “Lakers Purple” and “76ers Blue” and “Raptors White”.

In case you haven’t noticed, these colors represent the different teams that play in the NBA is Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers and Toronto Raptors. It is clear that this is not all of the opportunities that are currently available, but supposed to be adding more colors that represent the other teams later.

Are pricing all wireless headphones new at around 350 USD, but regardless of the new colors, they are still this fish is similar in terms of functions and possibilities for the Beats Studio3 Wireless current, so you can have a look at the various revisions to get an idea of what you can get before you go ahead and buy these headphones.


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