Apple leaked the date of the presentation of the new iPhone 12? Where is the truth here

Apple is a very secretive company. Therefore, she not only does not tease the launch of fresh products, but also announces the date of their presentation at the very last moment, so that the journalists of thematic publications have time to prepare for the event. This can be explained by the company's reluctance to provoke speculation at its own expense. After all, if you give users at least some hint of a future event, they will almost certainly begin to speculate, develop various theories, and, perhaps, eventually get to the bottom of something. Therefore, if any hints appear, it is not on purpose. For example, like now.

Apple's fall presentation this year will also take place in the format of an online stream

Продажи iPhone 12 начнутся не только позже, но и в два приема

Last night on its YouTube channel Apple scheduled an online broadcast, which was to take place on September 10 this year at 20:15 Moscow time. But after a few minutes the broadcast was deleted, and the only confirmation that it was planned at all was a few screenshots, which were made by those who responded in time to what happened. Therefore, it is highly likely that Apple accidentally leaked the date and time of its future presentation. Or is it not?

When will the iPhone 12 be introduced

Some of the viewers took this screenshot and posted it on the Web. There is a similar one in English

In fact, there is a lot of weird stuff about the scheduled broadcast. See for yourself:

  • Typically, Apple holds presentations in the first half of the week, choosing Monday or Tuesday for events, and this year, September 10th falls on Thursday;
  • Usually Apple presentations start at 20:00 Moscow time, but this time, for some reason, the time was chosen with a slight offset. Still, 15 minutes is quite a lot, considering that the fall event will most likely be recorded again;
  • For some reason, a picture drawn for the WWDC 2020 conference, which took place in June, was chosen as a splash screen for the planned video broadcast that appeared on YouTube;
  • Well, finally, last month, Apple's COO Luca Maestri warned investors that this year the iPhone 12 will be released with some delay compared to last year's models, suggesting that October be the target.

Почему презентация iPhone 12 снова пройдет онлайн

What does it mean? And the fact that in this online broadcast, which in Cupertino was promptly rubbed, most likely, there is nothing like that. I mean it doesn't look like a real leak, more like a purely technical readiness check. In my opinion, the administration of Apple's YouTube channel could just as well have chosen any other date and any other time in order to check how the planning takes place, how it is displayed to users. And because they knew the broadcast would be seen by fans around the world, they purposefully put the WWDC logo on the splash screen so that they could understand.

What Apple will present in September 2020

Apple's upcoming presentation promises to be very rich in new products

Nevertheless, the presentation that we all have been waiting for promises to be really rich. Here are some new items waiting for us:

  • Three new iPhones with screen sizes 5.4 , 6.1 and 6.7 inches. It turns out that Apple has decided, keeping the same number of models, to expand the market coverage, immediately occupying the niche of compact smartphones and large phablets.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 with Blood Oxygen Measurement . In fact, there is such a sensor in earlier watch models, but for some reason they are going to activate it only in the sixth generation. True, I would not count on the fact that he will work in Russia.
  • The fourth generation iPad Air can also be presented at the fall presentation, given that a year and a half has passed since the release of the previous model. The novelty, according to rumors, will be equipped with an A13 / A14 processor, a full front panel screen similar to the iPad Pro, and, accordingly, Face ID sensors.
  • AirPower 2.0 is clearly in development , which means that Apple may also schedule its debut at the fall presentation. The wireless charger should be technically simpler than the original, but at the same time retain the main feature – the ubiquity of the smartphone, smart watches and headphones for charging.

Стоит ли ждать iPhone 12 с экраном 5,4″ или взять сейчас iPhone SE 2020

As for the actual date of Apple's presentation, the company will have to announce it in the very near future. But this is provided that the event really takes place in September and not in October. After all, given the problems that Apple has brought with the coronavirus, it is possible that it may want to postpone the event to a later date in order to better prepare for it. Therefore, even if the presentation is held not in October, but in September, I would suggest focusing on its second half.

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