Apple listens to the conversations of users. So what?

Remember those situations when Siri tells you that doesn’t understand you? In such cases, the assistant starts frantically to search the Internet, but it is not so limited. All misunderstood the requests are routed specially trained people who do so in the future all of these commands were recognized correctly, and the user has received the answer to the question. However, for some reason enlightened public, this information came as a shock, but Spanish newspaper El Pais does have inflated it to the status of this sensation. Explain on fingers why you should not look for a sensation where there is none.

According to El Pais, Apple has the partner company, which is committed to listening to our voice requests. The office of the listeners is based somewhere in Spain and form its employees from different countries of the world. Therefore, the company is working on improving the abilities of a voice assistant, who suffers from chronic problems with speech and understanding user teams, due to extensive language knowledge still sometimes stumbles.

As Apple is listening to us

The main claim that Apple impose is that her employees don’t just hear the voice queries, but it distracted the users that is written for the random activation of a voice assistant. The result is strangers allegedly know the confidential information which most of us understandably prefer to keep secret. Another thing that nobody thinks about the fact that all of these entries come on wiretapping in depersonalized form without specifying user, time and place in which they were made.

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Why you should not fear wiretapping

Wiretapping is absolutely natural and logical, when it comes to the improvement of artificial intelligence. He learns from living people, who teach him the construction of the dialogues and correct his mistakes. It is these people, not the AI, transcribe voice commands, voice dictation which for some reason did not understand, and identify the reasons for such misunderstanding. Therefore, in this case listening is a positive thing, not negative. Otherwise Siri was not half so wise as now.

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