Apple lists 200 developers to its policies of self-driving

Announced the Apple TV today measured laying off 200 people from its staff within the project team develop the car by self-driving, which carries the name of Project Titan within the company.

Confirmed a representative of Apple, this news agency CNBC News, which said it is a step come to change the focus of the company with the transfer of a number of other team members for other projects.

Pointed out the spokesperson at the same time continuing the rest of the members of the team working on the development of the system of self-driving, but with a focus on several different applications.

This comes after Apple appointed its former employee and vice president of engineering of Tesla in August 2018 to lead the project, as confirmed by the CEO, Tim Cook, on the importance of self-driving and machine learning to the future of the company.

But despite all that, due to lay off many employees working on this project recently, he began to hope of seeing a self-driving car from Apple in the near future choose to have many lovers.

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