Apple logo iconic famous may return products to Apple after a long period of absence


In the early days of Apple, I used the company logo of an Apple decorated in the colors of the Rainbow, a slogan that soon became part of her designs early. In these days, chose the company logo to a more simple and easy to some extent, but it seems that the Apple logo is decorated in the colors of the Rainbow will return to Apple products soon.

This according to a new report released recently from the website MacRumors , which heard from one of his sources that Apple may have set the logo of the rainbow to some of their products later this year. Although this feeling is a design very special, but it is still not clear how it fits in with Apple products current, all of which feature the look clean and simple to the Max.

Maybe it will be used Apple this logo iconic in some models of their current products, just as you do now with the iPhone PRODUCT Red. Or maybe he’ll come back with computer Mac new. After all, back feeling for the first time with computers and Apple TV, so it seems fairly appropriate to see the return of that feeling with the new models of the Mac also.

In line with that, the website published a AppleWeb interview with former Egyptian for Apple, Sir Jony Ive, who expressed interest in seeing the return of the people so that he stated by saying : ” there is a resonance with the Apple logo decorated in the colors of the Rainbow which was part of our identity for many years. The rainbow is also the expression of positive and exhilarated about some of the value of the inclusiveness of our own and I think that one of the main reasons behind the echo of the idea on the spot and deep form, from the point of view of the design collective “.

Anyway, these are just rumors at the moment, so it is best to deal with the least amount of protection. We will have to wait for a while to see if the content of this report is true and if the Apple logo is decorated in the colors of the Rainbow will return after a long period of absence.

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