Apple looking to create belts smart for Smart Watch Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 4

Even before the launch of smart watch Apple Watch, she noted the rumors that Apple was seeking to classify this smart watch as a medical tool suitable for those interested in health and fitness. Although we’re not sure that we can considered a ” medical device final“, but they did a pretty good job of Health, where he succeeded in saving the lives of many of its users.

We’ve heard reports that Apple are still looking for ways to bring more health features to its Smart, such as monitoring blood glucose levels in non-surgically for diabetic patients, but this may not be everything. According to the patent invention have been discovered recently entitled ” elements used on the cloth with rubber bands“, it seems that Apple require to create the elastic strap for Smart Watch Apple Watch can be housed sensors of different health-related.

Based on the description of the patent, it indicates that the belt can provide features such as blood pressure readings etc of Water other health. ” May include electronic circuits on the sensor to measure the part of the body, such as electrocardiogram, blood pressure measurement, measurement of the rate of development “.

While can be performed electrocardiogram and measurement of heart rate is already on the Apple Watch, the status of the sensors responsible for these features in the belt can allow different applications of power and how people wear. Can wear them around the trunk of the user, arms, legs, etc. It’s a patented interesting, but as is the case with all patents, there is no guarantee that Apple will analyze them to reality.

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