Apple loses a new battle in the courts against the Swatch

In a new report published by the newspaper Sydney Morning revealed a new loss for the tech giant Apple in the courts of Australia in a judicial dispute existing with the Swiss watchmaker Swatch.


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Availability of the Apple وSwatch for most of the time in various courts over the past months, she has lost the Apple to know her first when using the logo of Swiss watchmaker who also is a “Tick different”, where the company launched the Apple slogan “Think different”, which simulates the feeling First significantly.

And a new report Sidney Morning that Apple lost in a new battle in the courts of Australia, where the Dart trial about the use of Swatch the phrase “one more thing”, as confirmed by Apple that the maker of the Swiss watch did not have the right to use this logo, also referred Apple to use this logo in advertising for additional products.

Despite offering the Apple to get the relationship “one more thing” business in Australia from the Swatch, however, Apple faced the judgment needed to accurately fine legal to buy Swatch, which use the brand already announced more than a product, as that company Swatch has revealed about how to choose the company of this phrase of the brand inspired by the television personality know بColumbo.


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