Apple loses head of design Jony Ive

You know, the company Apple shock after the announcement (Jony Ive Jony Ive), the British designer responsible for designs leading actor for the company, on Thursday that he will leave Apple after nearly 30 years in order to launch the company’s new creative called (LoveFrom), saying: the Apple TV will be the first client he has.

Be sure to leave Jony Ive, who announced in an exclusive interview with the newspaper (Financial Times), and later this year will launch a shock wave in the world of technology and design, but still, the British 52-year-old problems with the Apple TV.

Said Johnny: although I will not be staff, but I’m engaged to a great extent, I wish that for many years to come, this time is the expansion of the natural gentle to make this change.

Said CEO of Apple (Tim Cook Tim Cook), said in a statement: Johnny personality unique in the world of design, and can not overestimate his role in the revival of Apple, and will continue to Apple TV take advantage of his talents by working directly with him on projects exclusive, and through continuous working group of brilliant design and the passion built.

Despite the announcement of Apple that they will continue to work with Johnny on their product through his new project, but its shares fell 1.5 percent to 197.44 USD, resulting in a loss of about $ 9 billion from its market value.

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He spent Jony Ive nearly three decades in the Apple, and joined to it by a disturbance, was an important part of their advancement, where he played a pivotal role in the design of products, such as (iMac), which helped Apple to return again save her from the doldrums in the early nineties.

He also played major roles in the development of the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone, which is considered by some experts one of the most consumer products successful at all.

Said Johnny design teams of the company since 1996 and became head of the design team in 2015, he said: I have great confidence in my colleagues at Apple who remain my closest friends, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Come leave the head of the design department of the centre of the low sales of the iPhone, including a record low in the last quarter, after Apple became the first company in the world valued market to a trillion dollars in the month of August 2018.

In spite of the expansion of sales of certain hardware products, such as (Apple Watch) and headphones (AirPods) wireless, but Apple has turned its attention to Business Development Services, which include (Apple Music) and (iCloud).

It was Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, engaged heavily in the process of product design, and increases Studios the Apple TV for the day, but the current CEO, Tim Cook, didn’t do the same thing, and the critics – after the death of Steve Jobs – about the possibility of Apple continue jobs’.

Became Jony Ive symbol of the continuity Bridge and up the reign of Steve Jobs era, Tim Cook, has overseen the design of both hardware and software starting in 2012, which led to a comprehensive reform of the operating system (iOS).

He has also participated in the design of the new headquarters of the company named (Apple Park), which amounted to the cost of his $ 5 billion, and opened in 2017.

But company paved the way to leave Johnny over several years, where they handed over some of the tasks during the year 2015 to the executive directors of the other, and it was (Alan Dai Alan Dye), one of these executives, which the company said he will become vice president of design and Human Interface.

As the designated Apple TV, (Evans Hank Evans Hankey), the vice chairman of the Department of industrial design, and Apple: they played the roles key leadership in the design team of her for years.

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