Apple lost $ 9 billion of its value after the resignation of Jony Ive

Recently announced that Jony Ive, head of design at Apple, left the company to establish a company of their own design, and the money men are not happy with this move. After a short period of advertising, has seen shares of Apple declined, which led to the loss of its $ 9 billion from its market value.

In the world of stocks, you think the process of buying Apple shares is a good move as the company is relatively stable, and the decline of $ 9 billion from its market value constituted only 1%. In addition, also announced that Jony Ive will not go away, and will be Apple to deal with him through his new company, while the stop Jony Ive for dealing definitively with the Apple TV, it will lead to the decrease of the largest in market capitalization.

A big change in the business model of the company listed in the stock market, which may affect its future notes directly in trading the financial market and decrease of its share price, compared to if there was a positive change can help the company improve its position in the market.

Source: cnbc

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