Apple make it easy for users to manage subscriptions to their own

iOS App Store

According to rumors, may host the Apple event on the 25th day of March where it is expected that the company disclose the service to broadcast movies and soap operas, television programmes and news. In the light of all the potential for more services, conducted a Apple to some changes to the way the users estate.

As part of the iOS update 12.1.4, conducted a Apple to some changes to the iTunes Store App Store where it will be easy now for users to manage the estate and to view. When they open the App Store on iOS devices submitting to them, users will be able to see the option manage subscriptions ” Manage Subscriptions ” in the menu, an option that will give them the estate and allows them to choose what they want to do with it.

Before that, he had users to dive deep into the iOS devices of their own to find the extract. This seemed to be it difficult for users who do not have a great deal of experience in the field of technology, which made them say sometimes renew the subscriptions they don’t want in the first place, or maybe he was deceiving them to subscribe to through error in applications and services.

Since then, Apple with fraud that leads the users to subscribe to applications and services, and to implement procedures that will make it difficult for developers and unscrupulous to outwit the users to subscribe to their services, especially not to convince more developers to the system of contributions is more sustainable than a house system because it ensures the continued flow of revenues and profits.


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