Apple make phones the iPhone in 2020 built in screen characteristic size of the smallest

Confirmed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that Apple can make a change in the design of extrusion top in the phones the iPhone is scheduled for launch in 2020, where the Apple extrusion which houses the camera front a smaller size.

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There has been a lot of change in the design of smart phones in the recent period, where the Giants of the manufacturing of the phone from the development of the design of my daughter’s smaller in smart phones, to the design of the screen hole, and also the design of the slide or a pop-up for the front vehicle to support the display full screen, but Apple’s pushing idea of new design large overhang of the screen.

In New Details Revealed by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo confirmed that Apple is on its way to change the design of extrusion top in the screen to be smaller in versions 2020 phones iPhone.

I have made Apple the design of the protrusion of the screen for the first time in the iPhone X through 2017, and the design is also expected versions 2019 of phones the iPhone, where the extrusion system settings TrueDepth in the camera front-end, which supports to draw the layout of three-dimensional assessment of facial recognition, which is the main reason to choose the Jag representative of the large, however, the forecasts Kuo suggests that Apple has found a design that supports technology camera front, but with a smaller size.

As forecasts Kuo indicates that Apple is working on the development of the design and the camera front to remove the extrusion in the whole of the screen, the integration of sensor camera the bottom of the screen in future versions of phones iPhone.

On the other hand, pointed out some leaks that Apple is heading for conversion to a fingerprint sensor built-in screen style phones OnePlus 7 Pro and Huawei P30 Pro, that feature comes sensor footprint on the screen to the side of the face recognition technology Face ID in the versions of the icon of the future.


I know of

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