Apple makes the first steps to becoming part of the medical system in the US

I just wrote about the fact that wearable electronics, and in particular smart watches and activity trackers in the future will clearly change the medical system.

First, let’s stipulate that everything I say in the first place true for the United States. Without a doubt, it is possible in some countries of Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, to our countries, this will get very soon.

So, now the news, and then reflection. Reportedly, Apple is currently in talks with three US insurers participating in the national Medicare. If the short, Medicare is a us national insurance program for the elderly. It can also involve people with a number of problems, but basically it applies to people aged 65 years and older. If you are interested in details, read about Medicare online.

Now, Apple is negotiating with three insurance who work in this program. If the negotiations are successful, the insurance will provide their elderly clients smart clock Apple Watch, and subsidizing them. Simply put, people don’t have to buy watches for themselves once — their value will either be distributed in any period and added to insurance premiums or insurance to fully shoulder these costs themselves.

Details the source is not provided, but it is easy to guess that the data from Apple Watch in this case will in one way or another embedded in the medical system, and doctors will have access to them. I think if the watch is diagnosed in a person any problems, they will automatically transfer the relevant data in the medical institution and physician specific patient will be able to evaluate and decide what to do next.

Yes, the capabilities of the Apple Watch is very limited, and the same function, and ECG and it is not automatic. However, even the fact that there are already in these hours, is sufficient to diagnose a number of heart problems, namely, problems with the cardiovascular system take the most lives, with many people until recently did not know that they have some complications. The watch will allow you to pre-diagnose problems, and to the doctor for this will not have to go. Imagine how many lives it could save now and in the future, when these devices will learn more when you get a larger number of sensors when you get a non-invasive glucose meter… This is a very serious reduce mortality, increase life expectancy, and just improve people’s lives.

And who would neither belonged to Apple (I personally believe the company is extremely greedy), but it has all chances to be a pioneer on this path, and then tighten the rest.

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