Apple maps will become more useful for pedestrians

A map service Apple Maps, introduced in 2012, was initially a very raw product. It is obvious that the accuracy of maps from Google is far from it, but the developers are constantly working to improve its accuracy and informativeness. So, in April 2018, the company started cooperation with the “2GIS”to the cards has information about institutions and organizations 290 cities of Russia. Later it became known that Apple Maps is going to explore the whole world. Recently it became clear that the company is ready to use unprecedented methods to study cities.

Since August it is known that to work on Apple Maps is the company willing to hire up to 5,000 professionals. Apparently, the duties of some of them are walking among ordinary people with a huge backpack filled with sensors and other electronics.

One of these employees was seen in the afternoon on October 12 in San Francisco. This is the first case when the equipment is for building online maps is not installed on the car and in the backpack of a man walking among ordinary people. Earlier in Los Angeles was spotted equipped with sensors Subaru SUVs, which are considered to be a new version of map car the Apple.

Pedestrian data collection method should help Apple to increase the detail of the cards. For example, developers can add useful information to the passengers like bus schedules. In iOS 12 such improvement is already there — people see the shapes of buildings, car parks and forest areas.

That Apple intends to seriously take up the improvement of the map service became known in 2017. Then the website began over 70 vacancies in the departments for the development of the service.

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