Apple mastered the patented device, mixed reality tracking facial expressions

If the emoji is an interactive talk in your face interesting, wait when there is a device based on this property.

Offer Apple applied for a patent for a new device operating in accordance with the technique of mixed reality with an array of sensors to track eye movement, gestures and expressions facial different and distinguishable from each other.

And across the data provided by these sensors, the device will generate a default design three-dimensional by using the actual environment of augmented reality with virtual elements to it.

Can the device also includes accounts placed on the hands and the head so as to see the location of the user within the room and direction and method of movement of both the mouth or facial muscles.

Not only does the device obtain data from the user but also the surrounding environment such as lighting, the depth of the room, and through the HD camera picks up the video with the addition of virtual elements to it.

She had stated earlier sources that Apple is working on a Augmented Reality Project secret carries the code name T288 expected version of the device next year.

As usual with new devices entirely might not officially launch in the market and sold the patents, products, primary and team work are all elements does not confirm its launch later.

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