Apple may abandon the advantage of the pressure force 3D Touch This year

When Apple launched the feature to sense the pressure of the force and to distinguish it from the ordinary touch or light pressure which is called 3D Touch, and I significantly as an important feature in the iPhone and pushed the developers to utilize them in their apps, as well as the iOS operating system, but this feature seems to have reached its end where it is expected to abandon the company in the iPhone new this year.

Revealed a local company Barclays financial guide Apple TV to feature 3D Touch charge and replace them with the option of a cheaper such as that provided by the iPhone XR.

The Wall Street Journal has talked to the beginning of the year about the search Apple TV from the options to abandon the feature out to cut costs, especially that they need to modify in the screen and make it pressure sensitive and this is adds other costs to the normal screen.

With the launch of the water four years ago via iPhone 6s were offering many shortcuts such as the review of messages, photos, or sections within the app for quick access to them.

The technique of Haptic-Touch that you think Apple use are in principle similar to the idea of prolonged pressure known in the Android phones, so do not distinguish between several levels of pressure, but there is just a touch unusual or prolonged stress.

Came to support the pressure force, with iOS 9, but since you can’t Apple add a lot of uses provided to the user, as well as not clinging to the developers to sell more.

Likely to know more details about the plans of Apple at the developer conference WWDC next week and tell them then.

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