Apple may announce the new color iPhone X to revive sales

According to sources familiar to Bloomberg, the company Apple for an upgraded version of the TABLET IPAD cheap in the event, to be held tomorrow, as well as a new version of the iPhone X new color of revitalizing sales of the device.

Will be assigned to the event tomorrow for the education market and the launch of Apple TV to copy the low cost of the TABLET IPAD especially if it is equipped by optical easing control of devices Chromebook cheap which take up an increasing proportion of the market.

However, the reports don’t expect the release of the computer iPad developer with a pen light up to the third quarter of the year, as for the color of the iPhone X New, they have been put these rumors several times already, starting from the version of product RED, and now to some of the options for gold that will bring more customers and Asians.

In any case you may company Apple detects all of these devices coupled with the wireless charger AirPower later in the day or tomorrow via a press release as is customary with small upgrades or ancillary products, and stay tuned for our coverage of the event Apple’s tomorrow via the website and our accounts on social networking sites with the help of God.

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