Apple may be considering delaying the launch of phone iPhone 12 months!

Projections indicate that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 new, in September of this year. But a new report from the site Nikkei suggests that this version may be delayed for months.

According to assess the Nikkei, the company realizes Apple is currently thought to delay the impending launch of the iPhone 12 with the report of 5G “for months”. Based on this news to information collected by the sources – is not naming it – familiar with the plans of the company.

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Based on “the current situation” (pandemic MERS-CoV), the executives for Apple internal discussions on the sales of the iPhone potential, and their ability to do all things. It seems that the probability of delay is increasing by the probability of the presence of other obstacles may face supply partners in the coming months.

The report indicates that the travel restrictions set by Apple on certain areas, along with corresponding rules developed by other companies, influenced the development engineering group the 2020 iPhone. Alleged that Apple wanted to see a prototype for the new iPhone sometime in early March, but that did not materialize. Suppliers depend that the idea of delay “on the horizon”.

Watching Apple TV currently, the continued spread of MERS-CoV COVID-19, and will determine whether to delay the selection of the iPhone next will be a formal decision or not. A decision can be made in this regard in the month of May, but, even if this happened behind the scenes, it is unlikely to be issued any type of official announcements at that time.

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