Apple may be forced to preinstall the Russian application

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) presented a concept in which manufacturers of smartphones and tablets may be required to preinstall apps from Russian developers. According to the Ministry, this initiative will increase the popularity of domestic software products and their competitiveness. It is expected that after appropriate amendments, the document will be submitted for consideration to the Ministry of communications and mass communications.

The concept was introduced in the framework of the road map on competition development in different sectors of the economy. The Agency emphasizes that this initiative will have a positive effect on the users and local developers.

The preset of mobile applications is the most effective channel for “bring” apps to the end user. Preset as the most effective channel, the priority is used by developers of operating systems. The device traded on the global market, and the Russian developers, who distribute their products worldwide, it is very difficult to “go” in the channel preset and compete with the owners of the world’s operating systems, — reads the statement of the FAS.

It is expected that these changes equally affect both Androidand iOS. However, now there are doubts that such a large Corporation like Apple and Google will comply with this requirement.

In addition, the creators of the law want to require manufacturers to give users the option to remove all pre-installed apps. An exception may be only those service programs that provide the functionality and performance of the device.

By the way, the idea is to preinstall the domestic application like not all against it have already made such major corporations as Apple, Microsoft and Intel. This concept was supported by the Russian company Mail.Ru Group, Kaspersky Lab, MTS and MegaFon.

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