Apple may bring OLED screens to the tablet, the iPad, computers, MacBook, according to a new report

MacOS Catalina - MacOS - iPad Pro - Sidecar - MacBook Pro

Ultimately, adoption of Apple’s OLED displays in the iPhone two years ago and many wondered whether the company will be OLED screens on some of their other products also. Includes report of the New South Korea to that Apple you’re probably thinking in getting OLED screens for other products such as tablets and laptops.

Apple import OLED screens for phones iPhone Samsung. The report mentions that Apple didn’t buy my justice that the promise of OLED screens for phones iPhone. Want Samsung now of Apple to pay a fine for it, but Apple gave her a second option.

Allegedly the report from South Korea that instead of paying the fine to the company, introduced the Apple TV rather buy OLED displays for products like tablets and laptops. If this happened in the end, this indicates that the company plans to bring OLED screens to the tablet, the iPad, computers, MacBook.

It should be noted that the report claims that this represents one of the options studied by the two companies to settle their differences on punishment. Whether this happened or didn’t happen actually, that’s another matter entirely. There haven’t been any rumors about the development of Apple’s revelation of the iPad, computers, MacBook with screen OLED even now.

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