Apple may continue to import OLED screens exorbitant Samsung for phones iPhone

iPhone X

At the present time, there are not many companies in the world that can produce OLED screens that the large amount requested by Apple. Samsung is one of those companies, and in the case if the report released today from the Wall Street Journal John American is true, it is expected that Apple in the import of OLED screens from the Korean company, South Korea.

Given the relatively fragile between Samsung and Apple, it was not surprising to hear rumors that said last year that Apple invest in other companies like LG to get OLED screens in order to reduce dependence on Samsung. In fact, earlier this year was rumored that the iPhone coming this year will use OLED displays manufactured by LG. However, claims the latest report that LG is struggling to achieve the goals of the ruler at the level of production, which means that Apple will likely need to use of Samsung as a leading supplier of not.

Unfortunately, what this means is that the rumors suggest that the iPhone coming this year need to report their prices to more than$ 1,000 can be correct. This is due to the fact that the estimates suggest that Samsung will be paid $ 97 for every OLED screen, and given that Apple don’t have any other company to rely on it to produce that large quantity of OLED screens, they have to pay the price imposed on it by the company Samsung, which leads to raise the cost of the iPhone.

However, the report says the last of the famous Chinese Ming-Chio Kuo that Apple launched the iPhone cheaper with a LCD this year at a price of 550$, so if it wasn’t so much interested in the screen OLED, there may be a good option for you.



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