Apple may ditch the Beats brand entirely by the end of this year

Recently it became known that Apple plans to ditch the Beats brand in the names of its devices. The corporation bought the renowned audio manufacturer in 2014 for $ 3 billion, but has continued to use the Beats brand since then. Apparently, in order for the headphones to remain recognizable among the fans of the brand. Or maybe she just didn't want Beats to somehow overlap with or be associated with the AirPods line (and vice versa). Apple made the first steps in this direction just the other day, announcing the rebranding of the Beats 1 radio station to Apple Music 1 . Will Apple stop there, or will all Beats headphones end up with the Apple logo?

Looks like Apple no longer needs a sub-brand

Last Tuesday, Beats 1 radio station was renamed Apple Music 1. In addition, two new radio stations in the Apple Music subscriber service were introduced: Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. Many people in our Telegram chat have long wanted to "bury" the Beats brand, and this position is not without meaning. Since its acquisition of Beats Electronics in 2014, Apple has continuously improved its Beats product line to match the brand. At the same time, it launched a popular line of Apple-branded audio products including AirPods, AirPods Pro and HomePod. Apple certainly beats Beats in name recognition, and the company's audio brand optimization makes sense.

Beats Electronics is a brand that makes headphones and speakers. For five years of its existence, it has achieved great success. His products sell well in the Apple Store. We'll be happy to bring Apple design to our Beats products. This will take place under the leadership of Phil Schiller, said Tim Cook after the deal was finalized in 2014.

Will Beats Become Apple?

As the transition from Beats 1 to Apple Music 1 shows, any ongoing change to the Beats product name will be smooth and probably won't happen until new models arrive. Perhaps this will happen this fall. However, some name changes are easier to make than others.

No more Beats 1

The BeatsX, urBeats3 and Beat EP are likely to be history soon, while the Powerbeats and Powerbeats Pro could be called the same, but with the Apple-added name – Apple Powerbeats. Something tells me that Beats Solo Pro, Beats Solo 3 Wireless and Beats Studio 3 Wireless will remove the word “Beats” and instead Apple will add “AirPods” to the names. And the very AirPods Studio that everyone is talking about will appear.

Наконец, Beats Pill+ может превратиться в недорогой HomePod .

Apple Beats Headphones

Apple is unlikely to completely abandon Beats devices, because in many ways they are better than AirPods , and for this they are bought. For example, the Powerbeats Pro comes with several different sizes of earpieces for better fit and sound isolation. Thanks to their design, the headphones are very securely fixed – the chance of losing them is virtually zero. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for AirPods. At the same time, thanks to the built-in H1 chip, Powerbeats Pro syncs with any iOS device in no time. But the name in Cupertino can change. On Apple Powerbeats Pro . Many people already call them that.

Apple is expected to start announcing new products from next month through October. Would you like Apple to rebrand Beats audio products? Let us know in the comments.

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