Apple may launch a system of augmented reality AR and Mac processors ARM in 2020

Reports about Apple products ahead is still going, and now added a new device expected to see from Apple, a Mac with ARM processors, though you don’t know they are processors such as the processors of smart phones and their use in devices laptop provides a very energy and also reduces heat, which is what we’ve seen in the organs of the service of the latter.

Often these will be the processors of manufacture of Apple itself as is the case in the smartphone processors and supports the theory that Apple is going to move to ARM is the fact that Apple has removed support for 32-bit application in macOS Catalina a point important technique.

Besides this for reportedly preparing to launch a system of augmented reality entered sometime in 2020 as these glasses will do a full sync with the phone iPhone, which may make us see the great apps for the two devices with each other especially that the rumors suggested that Apple will launch application store private hygiene.

*Image is virtual.

Source: Appleinsider

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