Apple may launch computers iMac new this week, according to a new report


Haven’t Apple updated the lineup of computers, the iMac long ago. We’ve heard about the upgrade potential, it seems that the long wait will happen this week. However, before you a lot of protection, there may be some disappointing news.

This is because, according to rumors, this new upgrade will bring with it a new design entirely, which we heard about. Instead, the rumor suggests that Apple will maintain what it looks like with the new styling, all for computers iMac with the sense of her own which is based on the architecture ARM. This means that these new releases coming this week you will get promoted at the level of the inner gear just so that they are likely to include Intel ® processors, the latest not more than that.

I hesitated a long time ago that the upgrade was coming, partly due to the fact that Apple did not upgrade the iMac more than a year ago. Also, if you remember, it has extended the Times of the shipment of the iMac dramatically earlier this month so that customers who wish to request an iMac wait until September to apply for their.

This has led some to the belief that education may be under age, this is the reason that the company is working to get rid of the inventory I have left from model iMac current. It could be a pandemic COVID-19 is the reason behind the delay, but we’ll have to wait and see, but please deal with all that has been said so far with the least amount of protection.

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