Apple may launch iPhone Dual SIM for the first time in history [rumors]



Released forecast analyst famous carefully leak his Ming-Chi Kuo, which says that Apple is going to launch three iPhones, one of which will be cheap and stay higher specification and larger size and Supports Dual SIM for the first time since the launch of the iPhone 11 years ago.

Let’s talk first about the two phones that supports two SIM according to expectations, one will be led by a 6.1-inch LCD will be priced at ranges between 650 – $ 750 in case he was called my partner the connection, even if you wanted to slide one it will be at a lower price by about $ 100 which ranges between 550 – $ 650.

The other device larger comes $ 6.5-inch screen OLED display and also supports dual SIM.

Phone second smaller 5.8-inch screen OLED, but it’s called bar of a single contact.

Is not surprising that the use of Apple all the “advantage” of a new put in its phones price, adding only $ 100 to support his partner additional contact is an exorbitant amount of course. Although phones with Dual SIM are not very popular and needed so much in the United States, but that was the main requirement for users of the iPhone In most parts of the world including the Arab world.

We heard rumors about iPhone Dual SIM since the iPhone 7 years ago, but this was one of the models test that did not reach the end, for the trading community.

They noted that Apple also lowered the price relatively to the $ 550 minimum, which may convince some users who resort to Android Phones the adoption of the iPhone, but it will Slice a single connection.

If your health Outlook Forum this year, when we expect the addition of external memory port for?


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