Apple may launch system Siri refugees in the next year

Apple TV is not of the leading companies in the field of the techniques of voice assistant, but it seems that this is about to change. The recent report that Apple is planning to launch a special operating system for the assistant vocal Siri in the name of Syrians in the conference of developers next year.

The report indicates that the company will launch a system to increase the development of ecosystem functioning, and to allow developers and the various types of applications to use the plugin Siri, to compete with other services from Google and Amazon and others.

System Siri is desirable to enable innovation, while experiencing the dialogue based on the pictures increased in popular use over the past few years, where they communicate via audio with the devices is “is normal and more appropriate and efficient” use of the keyboard, and the report indicates that improving the communication techniques, voice and image recognition and machine learning is likely to be born a new generation of companies.

Can circulating system is Siri with the system Alexa Skills of Amazon, which facilitates the developers to implement the features and characteristics Alexa, but one of the possibilities is that the Siri can work with other systems including iOS and iPadOS in addition to the Mac system, with ease.

Source: Voice Tech Report for 2019

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