Apple may launch the iPhone without a separate Lightning during the two years

Usually the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo again, a competent products, Apple, where he published a report claiming that Apple is about to launch the iPhone without any occasion at all during the two years, any phones 2021 will be without homes.

Although many of us have briefed previously on reports of plans for Apple to shift from a separate Lightning-to-USB-C at some point, but it seems that things will not be so, and will help me on the charging port fully, which provides a wireless experience to the full.

Wireless charging could be convenient, so that allows users to get rid of the wire and its problems completely, although the wireless charging needs a lot of development, and the company may provide extensions to, or increased the battery life of the iPhone, or maybe shoot that tech that allows us to charge our devices wirelessly without the need for a charging base.

Source: 9to50Mac

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