Apple may offer a bouquet subscription One gathered all its services

Apple has a new strategy to the various several years ago, which is to rely on the services along with the products, already Services different Apple have achieved great success in the past two years and is expected to continue on this success attractive, so it seems that Apple has excellent ideas in respect of its services that.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg for planning at the current time to launch services in one integrated combine all its services under one subscription, this service will the “Apple One” and you will see all of Apple’s music, t-in, Arcade, news and more space لـiCloud also.

Apple will -according to the – service of its new integrated under four different subscriptions in terms of price, nurses, version cheapest of the services you will access the services of the Apple TV+ Apple Music, version Top will add service games Apple Arcade for the group, the version most expensive will Service news Apple News+ more space للـiCloud.

Expected for the service to achieve a huge success in the case of price by Apple appropriately, especially you if you want to subscribe to those services separately will cost you this amount is relatively large.

Source: Gizchina

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