Apple may raise battery capacity of the phones Evo 12 next, thanks to internal changes a new!

Series phones Evo 11 that had been raised this year represent a quantum leap for faith from the hand battery life thanks to raise the capacity of the battery has you repeat it again with the phones Evo 12 next year.ابل قد ترفع سعة بطارية هواتف ايفون 12 القادمة بفضل تغييرات داخلية جديدة!

According to The Elec the Korean the Apple will you make some internal adjustments by reducing the size of the unit the safety of the battery by 50% allowing them to exploit the space in excess of the lifting capacity of the battery.

The security unit of the battery is an internal component the goal of protecting the battery from charging or discharging overload, and be located next to the battery.

There is a company called ITM Semiconductor are those manufactures that place the Apple, which is the same company that will provide the same place for Samsung to use it in phones Galaxy S11 early next year.

In the year 2020 will offer Apple Public 5 phones iPhone: one cheap might carry the name iPhone, 9, in addition to four other year-end screen OLED support 5G memory random 6 GB and a camera background of the three according to the latest leaks available.

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