Apple may release an iPhone Pro. But why?

Very little time remains before the presentation of the new iPhone. Unfortunately, almost all the rumors telling us that this year’s revelations should not wait: Apple will update the smartphone purely formal, and the introduction of really interesting technologies the company’s management decided to postpone until next year. However, to the lineup of iPhone 11 still chained lot of attention. What else do you know about new products?

Last night authoritative insider CoinX, have repeatedly demonstrated a striking awareness of Apple’s plans said that the company is planning to add names of future smartphones the prefix “Pro”. Unfortunately, the insider did not go into details and did not specify why Apple decided to add such a note in a line of iPhone 11.

However, it can be assumed that this is due to the following factors.

Triple camera iPhone 11

The main feature of the iPhone range 11 will be a triple main camera module. Smartphones will get a wide-angle lens module with ultrasonically lens and a telephoto lens. According to analysts, Apple has opted for such a direction is not accidental. The fact that now the iPhone is not able to compete with the top solutions from Huawei and Samsung. No doubt, this situation can not hold the “Apple” company.

According to rumors, a new array of cameras will quality mobile shooting to a previously unattainable level. A large improvement is expected in the regime of portraiture and the technology of augmented reality.

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Support Apple Pencil in iPhone 11

We all know how adamant was Steve jobs against the pens. But it seems that Apple is moving away from the precepts of its founder. Experts believe that the prefix “Pro” can get the iPhone with support for Apple Pencil. More recently, this development was hard to believe with great difficulty, but now many patents telling us that this is not a fantastic scenario, but it is a realistic.

If you reject all prejudices, Apple Pencil would be really convenient to use paired with the iPhone — for example, to create artistic designs and marks on the road. Surely Apple will not follow the route of PDAs and will not build the pen directly into the housing of the device.

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